Various Artists - Rock Super Stars Vol. 2
1999 Japan -Blue Dolphin Entertainment BLCK-86064
This tribute album is put together by a rock tribute band called Rock Super Stars.

1. Welcome To The Jungle
2. Paradise City
3. Sweet Child O' Mine
4. It's So Easy
5. Patience
6. Out Ta Get Me
7. Nightrain
8. Mr. Brownstone
9. My Michelle
10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
11. You Could Be Mine

Various Artists - Appetite For Reconstruction
1999 USA - Cleopatra CLP 0601-2
This is an electronic based tribute, put together by Tracii Guns.

1. Welcome To The Jungle (Interface Remix) [Kevin Dubrow]
2. Rocket Queen (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix) [John Corabi]
3. It's So Easy [Taime Downe]
4. Nightrain (Astralasia Remix) [Joe Lesté]
5. My Michelle (KMFDM Remix) [Phil Lewis]
6. Think About You (Die Krupps Remix) [Steve Summers]
7. Out Ta Get Me (Meeks Remix) [Marq Torien]
8. You're Crazy (Spahn Ranch Remix) [Steve Rochelle]
9. Paradise City (Sheep On Drugs Remix) [Kory Clarke]
10. Mr. Brownstone (Rosetta Stone Remix) [Joe Lesté]
11. Anything Goes (The Electric Hellfire Club Remix) [Kelly Hanson]
12. Sweet Child O' Mine (Ex-Voto Remix) [Jizzy Pearl]
13. Welcome To The Jungle (Pigface Remix) [Kevin Dubrow)

Various Artists - Strings Of Fire - The Acoustic Tribute To Guns N' Roses
2000 USA - CMH Records CD-8550
All these songs are acoustic.

1. Rocket Queen (Plester/Jones)
2. You're Crazy (Dodo)
3. Don't Cry (Josh Podolski)
4. Welcome To The Jungle (Brent Truitt)
5. Dust N' Bones (Tatnell/Kringel)
6. Shotgun Blues (Dodo)
7. One In A Million (Josh Podolski)
8. Civil War (Brent Truitt)
9. Mr. Brownstone (Tatnell/Kringel)
10. Double Talkin' Jive (Plester/Jones)
11. Mama Kin (Brent Truitt)

Studio 99 - Guns N' Roses & Aerosmith - A Tribute
2000 EU - Going For A Song Inc. GFS472
This tribute cd is by the tribute band 'Studio 99'.

1. Don't Cry (Original) (4:33)
2. Jaded (3:18)
3. So Fine (4:03)
4. Rag Doll (4:29)
5. Since I Don't Have You (3:40)
6. Crazy (5:19)
7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:35)
8. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (4:44)
9. You Could Be Mine (5:34)
10. Blind Man (4:04)
11. Sweet Child O' Mine (5:56)
12. Sympathy For The Devil (7:35)
13. Amazing (5:31)
14. November Rain (9:02)

Various Artists - A Rock Tribute To Guns N' Roses
2002 USA - Deadline Music CLP 1203-2
Guitars: Tracii Guns & Gilby Clarke
Bass: Kyle Kyle
Drums: Randy Castillo

1. You're Crazy (Stevie Rachelle)
2. It's So Easy (Fred Coury)
3. Welcome To The Jungle (Kevin Dubrow)
4. My Michelle (Phil Lewis)
5. Sweet Child O' Mine (Jizzy Pearl)
6. Paradise City (Kory Clarke)
7. Mr. Brownstone (Joe Lesté)
8. You Could Be Mine (Mitch Malloy)
9. Used To Love Her (John Corabi)
10. Don't Cry (Spike)
11. Patience (John Corabi)
12. Civil War (Christina Kartsonakis)

Various Artists - Bring You To Your Knees - A Tribute To Guns N' Roses
2004 USA - Law Of Inertia LOI-12
These are all hardcore bands playing GN'R songs.

1. Welcome To The Jungle (Zombie Apocolypse)
2. You're Crazy (Haste)
3. 14 Years (Vaux)
4. It's So Easy (Unearth)
5. Nightrain (Break The Silence)
6. Anything Goes (Death By Stereo)
7. Sweet Child O Mine (Most Precious Blood)
8. November Rain (Time In Malta)
9. My Michelle (Dillinger Escape Plan)
10. Paradise City (Eighteen Visions)
11. I Used To Love Her (Every Time I Die)
12. Out Ta Get Me (God Forbid)
13. Rocket Queen (Bleeding Through)
14. Estranged (Beautiful Mistake)